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 Unlocking Organizational Success: A Deep Dive into the EFQM Excellence Model 2020


In the ever-evolving landscape of business excellence, the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model continues to be a guiding force for organizations worldwide. As we step into 2020, it’s crucial to understand how this model has adapted to the contemporary business environment and what it offers to organizations striving for excellence. In this article, we explore the EFQM Excellence Model 2020 and its significance in fostering organizational success.

1. The Core Principles of the EFQM Excellence Model:

At the heart of the EFQM Excellence Model lie a set of fundamental principles designed to drive continuous improvement. Explore the core principles that make the EFQM Model a timeless framework for achieving excellence, and how they align with the challenges and opportunities of the business world in 2020.

2. What’s New in EFQM Excellence Model 2020:

As of 2020, the EFQM Excellence Model has undergone refinements to ensure its relevance in a rapidly changing business landscape. Discover the latest updates and modifications, and understand how these changes address contemporary organizational needs and industry trends.

3. Achieving Agility and Resilience: EFQM in a Dynamic Business Environment:

In an era of unprecedented change and uncertainty, organizations need to be agile and resilient. Explore how the EFQM Excellence Model 2020 equips organizations with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate challenges and emerge stronger in the face of adversity.

4. Case Studies: Exemplifying EFQM Excellence Model 2020:

Real-world success stories speak volumes about the practical applicability of the EFQM Excellence Model 2020. Delve into case studies of organizations that have not only embraced the model but have also achieved remarkable results in 2020, showcasing the tangible impact of excellence.

5. Leveraging EFQM for Digital Transformation:

As digital transformation becomes a strategic imperative for organizations, discover how the EFQM Excellence Model can be a catalyst for successful digital initiatives. Uncover insights into aligning the model with the digital age and leveraging technology for organizational excellence.

6. KPIs and Measurement in EFQM Excellence Model 2020:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the compass for organizational success. Explore the crucial KPIs that organizations should focus on when implementing the EFQM Excellence Model in 2020, emphasizing the importance of measurable outcomes.

7. Nurturing a Culture of Continuous Improvement:

A cornerstone of the EFQM Excellence Model is fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Understand the strategies and best practices that organizations can adopt to instill a mindset of excellence throughout their workforce, driving sustained growth and innovation.

8. Training and Certification: Developing Expertise for Excellence:

For organizations to truly benefit from the EFQM Excellence Model, investing in training and certification is paramount. Explore the available programs and certifications designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to implement the EFQM Model effectively.


As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the business landscape in 2020, the EFQM Excellence Model stands as a beacon of guidance for organizations committed to achieving and sustaining excellence. Embrace the principles, leverage the tools, and witness the transformative power of the EFQM Excellence Model in driving organizational success in the contemporary business world.

EFQM Excellence Model 2020



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